Since 1994, Lemongrass welcomes charm and welcomes you with pleasure. This means that we are not just a hotel but the right choice for people who like the best , just like you. Housed in a charming mansion '40s through the Atlantic Forest , the Lemon Grass is a lush setting in Itaipava . This rare combination of nature and style is plus our dedication to create a warm and elegant place. Here you will find all the peace and quiet to rest , have fun and make great deals .
We take care of the smallest details , because I really believe they make a difference . Environments , the rooms , the restaurant , everything has a special touch . The Lemon Grass strives for quality and also not give up ! Quality also extended to the environment , to our staff and the surroundings of our hotel . Social and environmental attitudes performed for us , and great satisfaction , put us in the select Association Roadmaps Charming . We hope that by looking at our window , reopen it an unforgettable experience of charm , good taste and pleasure.